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Universal Bar Feeder ApS was founded in 2017 by Per Lachenmeier, Palle Hannemann and  Per Holm Knudsen. 

Together they have more than 70 years of experience in production optimization / automation and in designing, developing and producing advanced machines for industrial applications.

The purpose of the company was to re-engineer the concept of bar feding and develop a new innovative type of bar feeders. 

Fully and truly automated, faster, simpler, more reliable and easier to operate, were just some of the parameters we set up for the product development.

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 Per Holm Knudsen

Per Holm Knudsen

Per Holm Knudsen,  General Manager and CEO of Universal Bar Feeder ApS.
Former VP. within A.P.Moller Maersk, highly experienced in business development, international operation, production optimization and automation. 

Mobil: +45 42 54 25 70



The technology on which Universal Bar Feeder is built upon, has been developed in close cooperation with Ejnar Hansens Maskinfabrik A/S, in the small town Broager in the south of Denmark.

At Ejnar Hansen, they are front runners in relation to automation.

"With still increasing demands for product quality and even tighter tolerances, we had reached a point where further efficiency and automation could no longer be achieved with the bar feeders currently available on the market", says Jesper Petersen, CEO of Ejnar Hansen Maskinfabrik A/S

Universal Bar Feeder ApS was established in close cooperation with Borean Innovation, one of the four Danish innovation environments and an innovation incubator. 

Borean Innovation has contributed with capital, knowledge and skills during the start-up phase and supported the development of business plans, strategies and, not least, the product development. 

Borean is now part shareholder. 

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